The Coronation Scot


"Coronation is a Pacific - or 4-6-2 - type, and the section shows the general design of the working parts. There are four cylinders, the inside ones drive the leading axle, and the outside pair drive the second axle. Boiler pressure is 250 lbs. per square inch. The firebox will consume coal at the rate of about one ton every 45 miles, and the total horse-power will be little short of 2,2000.

"The cab of this engine is a fine roomy place, with plenty of space for the fireman to ply his shovel. He needs this, too, for between Euston and Carlisle, where the engine crew will be changed, hwe has to pitch the best part of 6 1/2 tons through the fire-door! Notice how few dials there are to watch, and the simple arrangement of everything.  From his seat, the driver can see ahead, and can reach every control that is necessary, so that his is a sitting down job all the way on the long journey."

Source: "Modern Wonder", Vol. 1, #7, (July 1937)

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