Wonders of the Super-Cinema

"The cinema has seating accommodation for about 2,500, and its stage is fully equipped for dramatic and music-hall entertainments as well as for films. The organ operates from under the stage, the grilles being in the orchestra pit, the floor of which is constructed on a lift so that it can be raised to level of the stage, and the loudspeaker chambers are on each side of the proscenium.

Under the stage are housed the organ room, musicians’ room, refrigerating plant, boiler room and the plenum plant used for ventilation purposes. The building can be heated or cooled as required. The auditorium has one great balcony, luxurious foyers, a reception room and a special press room.

"A unique feature os the artesian well for the theatre’s water supply. This is a ten-inch pipe carried to a depth of 600 feet into the famous chalk basin under London. The water is excellent quality and yields 2,300 gallons an hour."

Artist: Leslie Ashwell Wood

Source: "Modern Wonder" (1938)

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